• Tjahjono Doctoral Program in Management Science, Indonesia School of Economics (STIESIA)
  • Budiyanto Indonesia School of Economics (STIESIA), Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Khuzaini Indonesia School of Economics (STIESIA), Surabaya, Indonesia


The ISO 31000 risk management process can be carried out through setting goals and strategies, resources planning, organizational structure, the ability level of employees, creating an efficient system, and identifying risk, an analysis, evaluation, monitoring and review of risks can be found in rural bank. A qualitative research method and a descriptive approach used in this study to find out more about the suitability of the application of banking risk management carried out by BPR X to ISO 31000 guidelines. Based on the interviews with three informants who became the Top Management at BPR X, this study concluded that the type of risk which requires more attention by BPR X management is credit and operational risk. Poor customer ability to repay loans is at the core of the credit risk problem, while the failure of the loan system and placement of Human Resources implemented at BPR X is the key to the high operational risk and human resource placement faced by BPR X management.



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