• Ginanjar Rahmawan Management Doctoral Program, STIESIA Indonesia, Surabaya
  • Suwitho Suwitho Management Doctoral Program, STIESIA Indonesia, Surabaya


This study aims to measure the effect of brand image and brand awareness on perceived quality and purchase intention of Converse school shoes. The object of this research is Converse school shoes, while the subject is students in Surakarta. This research uses sampling with accidental sampling technique. The number of samples in this study were 150 respondents. Data obtained through questionnaires that are distributed directly to the field and through the Google form. Data analysis techniques using Multiple Regression Analysis with SPSS software. Based on the results of the analysis that has been done, it shows that brand image has a significant effect on perceived quality, brand awareness has a significant effect on perceived quality, brand image has a significant effect on purchase intention, brand awareness has a significant effect on purchase intention and perceived quality has a significant effect on purchase intention. In general, Converse school shoes have succeeded in attracting consumer buying interest through images, images and consumer perceptions of its quality.


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